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We are an artist collective based in the northwest of England exploring participation and technology, bringing contemporary art practice into dock with everyday life. Our projects set up exchanges between ideas from the edges of art and culture, with knowledge and experience that people gain in other areas of life.

We aim to enrich these new ideas by cocreating new art with people who might not normally engage with that kind of thing, in spaces that are meaningful to them.

Since 2008 we have learned how to open up spaces like libraries, residential homes, canal towpaths, shops and leisure centres, to connect communities with different ways to explore art and technology.

We take a radically open approach to artforms, cocreating…

Small Cinemas in disused spaces with communities in Liverpool, Widnes, Kirkby

Experimental communications systems with older adults in sheltered accommodation

Text Adventure games exploring the future of the Northern Powerhouse with Teenagers across the North of England

Digital art and escape rooms with teenagers, older adults and families in libraries

Large scale public artworks along canal towpaths

Contestational robots protesting Donald Trump with children in Liverpool

Video archives of the Liverpool scene from the 70’s to the 90’s with film maker Sandi Hughes

Hybrid dance/sport activities in Skateparks with community dance groups

A symposium bringing together artists and makers to explore the use of kits to distribute art 

To find out more, get in touch using the links below.